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Author:  rayder [ Mon Feb 27, 2012 4:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Healhoof

01. Name:

02. Race:

03. Level:
24 (capped atm to enjoy every quest/achievement etc) :)

04. Class:

05. Main spec / Off spec:
Healing ;)

06. How old are you:

07. Tell us abit about yourself (The story of your life).
Working as a butcher, been playing onlinegames since wow was released.

08. What role do you picture yourself as in Ragnarok (Social, Casual, Raider)?
social/casual, raids : time will show

09. How do you consider your knowledge about your class (poor, average, good, excellent)?

10. How would you describe your ambitions as a player?
I started wow again to do everything doable ingame (as restoshaman) been working steadily since mid december :)

11. How would you consider your own gear, spec, glyphs, gems, enchants (poor, average, good, excellent)?
Superb for 24, will remove levelcap when my proffessions are all 225 (perhaps this weekend or sooner)

12. Do you have current endgame raiding experience?
My endgame experience reach as far as gruuls lair, level 70, so its not up to date.(used to be hunter and was endgame from moltencore until gruuls, 3years or so)

13. Do you know anyone in Ragnarok? In that case, who and how?
Only player ive talked to in RR is Runa. mostly cause almost noone is online since i upgraded my free trial edition and could send tells :P

14. Why do you want to join Ragnarok, and why would Ragnarok want you?
Been checking this forum several times a week since I joined ragnaroks age of conan guild a few years back, so it would be quite odd to join another guild.

15. Which guilds have you been in, and why are you not anymore?
In age of conan only ragnarok, in my wowdays i was in a guild called Bad Company.

16. You will also need to post a link with your equipment. This can be done from WoW Armory or similar pages.
It is important that you logout/link your main spec gear, so that we do not evaluate you in wrong gear.
ive sorted most heirlooms, lack head and cloak, i will most likely go healer all the way to 85.

17. Have you read and understood all of our rules? If you havent, these can be found here: Ragnarok WoW Rules

18. Do you have applications to other guilds at the moment, if you do, which guild will you prioritize if you get more than one invite?
nope, made this toon as the only one, on this server with Ragnarok in mind :)

Author:  Shc [ Mon Feb 27, 2012 5:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Healhoof

Hej Healhoof

Velkommen på vores forum, ja er ikke så meget liv i guilden for tiden af forskellige årsager men da du levler er det jo heller ikke raid du går efter, skal smide din apply i recruitment og så vil du få besked hurtigst muligt.


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