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Wakko (Razhar( Søknad 
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Post Wakko (Razhar( Søknad
I am typing this in english, seeing as the questions was in english ;P

01. Name: Thomas Pettersen

02. Race: Worgen

03. Level: Currently lvl 9 atm. Started the character on azure when i found out my good budy was playing there.

04. Class: Druid

05. Main spec / Off spec: Bala / feral

06. How old are you: 23

07. Tell us abit about yourself (The story of your life): Mostly a nice guy with a sense of humor. Like having fun toying around ingame and on vent and stuff like that. I currently live on an island in northern parts of norway due to some personal issues, where i have almost no social life except for work and thus alot of gaming time. I bought WOW not more than 1 week ago, but dont take this as a weak thing i learn games pretty fast. I have experience from gaming since i was 3 and playing asteroids and pacman ;P owjess oldschool. My first RPG minor MMO was diablo II and after that i have been playing mmo`s ups and down all the way. Lineage II - Eve - Aion - Lotro and lots more. I have been playing FPS for quite a few years and was wery high ranked not that it matters. Lets go on shall we ;P

08. What role do you picture yourself as in Ragnarok (Social, Casual, Raider)?
Somewhat of a casual raider. I never play a game without exploring end game, and raids is the most fun.

09. How do you consider your knowledge about your class (poor, average, good, excellent)? I would say about average. Knowing fully well that my other char is just a lvl 20 NELF on argent dawn. but like i said im a fast learner and i have read abit about all classes / races / lore / items and so on.

10. How would you describe your ambitions as a player?
I aim to have fun playing a game, getting to know people and chill out. As well as doing some minor RP ( if i get into it on my worgen ) and explore all ends of the game and get some good gear.

11. How would you consider your own gear, spec, glyphs, gems, enchants (poor, average, good, excellent)? Like i said lvl 9 atm. So "mute" ;P

12. Do you have current endgame raiding experience?
I do not sadly. I have watched alot of videos but they are mostly from the bosses so guess that doesent count ;P

13. Do you know anyone in Ragnarok? In that case, who and how?
I know my good IRL buddy. Kim andre kristofferense "Kimmi" sadly i do not know his nick ingame.

14. Why do you want to join Ragnarok, and why would Ragnarok want you?
I would like to join mostly because i want a fun guild to be in with nice and experienced people to help me get the best gameplay experience and play with one of my best friends kimmi. Well i dont know why you wouldnt want me ;P Nah j/k im not that full of myself. Well down the line i am sure i can be a valuable raider and teamplayer and bring lots of joy wherever i roam :>

15. Which guilds have you been in, and why are you not anymore?
Have not been inn anyone

16. You will also need to post a link with your equipment. This can be done from WoW Armory or similar pages.
It is important that you logout/link your main spec gear, so that we do not evaluate you in wrong gear.
If this truly is needed. I am utterly screwed ;P

17. Have you read and understood all of our rules? If you havent, these can be found here: Ragnarok WoW Rules
I have read and i agree to them.

18. Do you have applications to other guilds at the moment, if you do, which guild will you prioritize if you get more than one invite?
I do not.

Sat Mar 05, 2011 10:08 am
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Post Re: Wakko (Razhar( Søknad
Hejsa Wakko

Velkommen på forum, er ganske sikker på der snart vil blive taget hånd om din ansøgning, uhaa real friend off Kimmi not good :D nej spøg til side hav lidt tålmodighed så får du snart besked.

Venlig hilsen

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Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:36 am
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Post Re: Wakko (Razhar( Søknad
Hej Wakko. Jeg ligger din ansøgning til behandling. Godt at se at Kimmii kan trække flere folk til Ragnarok, han har trukket en del til allerede! :mrgreen:

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Sat Mar 05, 2011 6:57 pm

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Post Re: Wakko (Razhar( Søknad
Hei wakko ;D Velkommen til forumet ;D


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++ flere low level characters.

Sun Mar 06, 2011 7:26 am
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Post Re: Wakko (Razhar( Søknad
ta kontagt til en officer ingame for inv :)

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Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:14 pm
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