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Ragnarok Application Form

About you
1. How old are you, and where do you come from?

- im a 23 year old male from denmark - jeg snakker fint dansk, ikke så god til norsk og svensk dog men jeg forstår det meste

2. Where did you hear about Ragnarok, why do you want to join us and what can you contribute to our guild?

- read about Audentes Fortuna Juvat in the TSW guild reposatory index, and wanted to join, then found out they merged with ragnarok, and me being like "even better" (have read your rules and terms and found them satisfying :)

3. Do you know anyone in Ragnarok? In that case, who and how?

- to my knowledge i do not

4. Do you have previous endgame raiding experience from TSW or other MMO's? If so, what games and what encounters?

- WOW - BC through Cata, Archeage 2 chars in max lvl, Teraone char 4 lvls from max, RIFT mid game content, TSW - started in beta and is currently in transylvania (had a big break from TSW and recently started again), Neverwinter, played the wildstar beta but couldnt afford the game, think there is more but cant remember atm

5. If you have been in any other guilds in TSW or any other MMO what is your experience from it and why did you leave your last guild?

- generally i have had decent experiences with guilds, i always choose (or create) guilds that are polite and helpful and with positive attitudes, i recently was a member of a TSW guild (the first one who asked me) and while they were polite and all they were just never online, the last week i have been online 4-6 hours a day and during that time one member was online for half an hour, so i decided it was time to take a new direction. i am currently at a point in the game (nightmare quests) where i probably need help to complete some of the Quests, and cant do that when noones online. but i am fully committed to contribute to the cabal in any way possible, be it Pax, materials, attendance or other ways.

6. What part of the Ragnarok guild rules differs most from other guilds you have been in and what part do you like most?

- think the "not being allowed to PUG outside of the guild without permission" differs the most, like the being polite and no flaming part best

7. On a typical week, roughly how many hours would you be online and playing and what evenings would you be available for guild activities? Usually between 1930-2300 GMT+1

- hmm 1930-2300 GMT+1 i am available at all times all days of the week, if something comes up (extra work (very unlikely) or personal activities) i will be sure to report it in due time to find a replacement

8. Are you applying to any other guild while applying to Ragnarok?

- nope

9. List three fun things except playing MMO’s that you like to do and why?

- MOBA games i play with some of my friends ones in a while, roleplaying (pen-and-paper), and listenning to music/watching movies/series, the two first i do for fun and the last for relaxation

Game Play Questions

10. Please rank the following play styles, that would describe your style in MMO gaming. (from the most to least)
- Achiever

Also known as "Diamonds," these are players who prefer to gain "points," levels, equipment and other concrete measurements of succeeding in a game. They will go to great lengths to achieve rewards that confer them little or no gameplay benefit simply for the prestige of having it.


Explorers, dubbed "Spades" for their tendency to dig around, are players who prefer discovering areas, creating maps and learning about hidden places. They often feel restricted when a game expects them to move on within a certain time, as that does not allow them to look around at their own pace. They find great joy in discovering an unknown glitch or a hidden easter egg.


There are a multitude of gamers who choose to play games for the social aspect, rather than the actual game itself. These players are known as Socializers or "Hearts." They gain the most enjoyment from a game by interacting with other players, and on some occasions, computer-controlled characters with personality. The game is merely a tool they use to meet others in-game or outside of it.


"Clubs" is a very accurate moniker for what the Killer likes to do. They thrive on competition with other players, and prefer fighting them to scripted computer-controlled opponents.

1 - explorer
2 - achiever
3 - socializer
4 - killers

11. What will be your primary focus? PvE or PvP?

- im more of a PvE, storyline kind of guy

12. Tell us about your PvE achievements and habits. (Do you team up or like to solo through story content, grinding one instance over and over for a typical drop, crafting and exploration, or other things)

- i make it a point to do all quests at least once, as for dungeons again at least once and i redo it to get tacts right so that i can help others in the future, i dont do it for drops (say we were in a PvE raid, then i would prefer to gear the lowest geared player instead of myself, based on the notion that a mmorpg demands teameffort and not soloplay. i like questing alone, but it is always more fun to do with others)

13. Tell us about your PvP achievements and habits. (How often you participate in warzones and world PvP. If you duel much, do world pvp, or other things like that)

- on my main in TSW i dont really pvp that much (because im atm questing as full melee burst) never been a big fan of PvP but thereby not saying that i cant do it

14. What is your relationship with VoIP programs like Mumble and Ventrilo? (Mark only one)
(_) I'm almost always logged on when i'm online, and i enjoy talking to other guildies.
(X) I'm usually logged on but doesn't talk all that much, mostly listen.
(_) I'm usually only logged on when it is mandatory. Like in sieges and raids.
(_) I don't like voice chat. I prefer guild and group chat.

15. Since puzzles and riddles are a big part of TSW, we do not want to spoil the fun for people who would like to solve the puzzles and riddles on their own. If you are going to help out a fellow guild mate, please feel free to do so, but use a /tell message (or a private channel on mumble) to keep things private. What do you think about this?

- seems totally fair - no spoilers

16. It is raid night and they miss one player, you have not signed up but made an appointment with some other members to do some questing/instances. Do you join the raid or play with your friend, please tell why you choose as you do?

- if the raid can't find a sutable replacement and i have the time nessesary to complete the raid without needing to go afk, then i will take the last spot. the quests will be there the day after but raid organizing takes time. i will of course apologize to the other members.

17. List the ingame name of all your characters, main first and then alts, with your 2 most skilled weapons. Also provide a screen shot of your character selection screen, so that we can validate the list and person behind this application.
(e.g. Epicurus - Blade skill 8 - Elemental skill 7)

- KGB-Deserter (illuminati) - chaos 10 - blood 10 - assault rifle 9 - pistol 8 - fist 8
deathsfriend (illuminati) - blade 5 - chaos 1
Grave-winters (templar) - elemental 10 - blood 4

18. Anything else you like to tell us about your self?

- i am friendly and ready to help with whatever it might be

File comment: heres the screenshot
TSW char.PNG
TSW char.PNG [ 660.36 KiB | Viewed 15145 times ]
Wed Feb 11, 2015 3:44 pm
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